Daniel Daniel Schmitz

My Expertise

Daniel Schmitz is a software developer and writer. He's originally from Brazil and has published several books in Portuguese/English.


Practical Vue.js

This work presents the Vue.js framework to create web interfaces. Its simplicity to create to create components and managing data binding make web systems development a powerful and simple task. The Vue.js stands out for its requirements simplicity compared to any complex framework.

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React - Beginner's Guide

This work has as main objective the progressive understanding of the React library. It is entitled as "Beginner's guide" because it has the progressive understanding of the library as it's main purpose. It presents many examples, each one with an greater detail level, making the book a guide to everybody who met the framework and had trouble understanding how it works. The book shows the introductory details of React in a way that you can create components with JavaScript, JSX and Ajax. And as it is a beginner's guide, it's not meant to present advanced technical details about complex systems.

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